Embroidered Illustrations

Bubbledom is one of the destinations in The World of Possibilities. So of course it will have an embroidered panel on the outside of the casket.
But all of the different places you see on the casket exterior will have an illustrated story on the inside. 
I have already made a miniature version of my Red House Book and it fits in the upper section of the casket. It is 4 1/4″ x 7″. Each book will be that size. 

So these two embroideries will be in the little book describing Bubbledom.

It is a toy shop.

This is a different ‘view’ of Bubbledom. It is also one of the drawings I shared with you last December

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7 Replies to “Embroidered Illustrations”

  1. Janet~ this last picture…its fabulous! I can hear singing and music…the way the towers are 'moving'… makes me think of Fantasia when the piano is moving and dancing to the music…I love your little world~ thankyou for sharing it 🙂

  2. Dear Rachael,
    Thank you for your kind words. We have so much in common, creating our own individual worlds. Do you realize we even have the same dollhouse?!
    I first built my Greenleaf kit for my daughter over 30 years ago and then 'remodeled' it for me, not quite 10 years ago.

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