6-17-17 Official Finish Date!

  It is official, the casket is complete!  6-17-17, yesterday, I finished the key tassels.   I wrapped the wooden forms with gilt and silver plated Elizabethan Twist.   Now I plan to put 4 […]

Forest or Trees……Garden or Flowers…..?

  Ruthie bids farewell to the Bluebird as she and Joseph head into the Enchanted Forest.   The lower back panel is complete. Here are lots of details.   A big step in the process […]

Knot In My Backyard

  This knot garden is stitched with a foundation of silk braided lacet trim basted to a pattern on a fabric base. Those are the red stitches. I always try to use a contrasting color, […]

The Enchanted Forest

  Maybe Spring is near. The Enchanted Forest is starting to grow.     This is for the back of my casket, the only side left to complete.   Half bird and half snail, what […]

Knotted Gimp

  Using 2 colors of gimp I made overhand knots about every 1/4 to 1/2″.   Then the length was couched in place.   This is Time’s collar, lots of texture but still pretty much […]

Rethinking Color Choices

I loved the panel I embroidered on the deep red silk. I picked the red to carry over the red from the roof top on the casket front. But I didn’t like how the colors […]

Another Mountain View

There are 2 different views of the Golden Rule Mountains on the casket. This is a new view, the mountains on the side of the Prince. In front of his mountains is a grove of […]

The World of Possibilities Does Not Disappoint

Adding the doors, the ‘secret panel’ (in white) and the 3D village scene completely changes the look of the casket interior. More blank canvases to embroidery! More possibilities! And by playing in Photoshop a little […]

Casket Progress

The inside of lower half of the casket is complete! The bottom drawer holds my sampler, signed and dated. Other drawers hold my tunnel scenes.

William Progress

William’s torso is done. I am still playing with the placement of the figure.  He now has a roll of building plans in his hand.