Friday, December 18, 2015

Thank You Emma! and Free Coloring Pages!

One of the pleasures of my morning routine is catching up on the newest blog posts I list along the right hand side of this blog. On the list for several years now has been "Emma's Workshop" or so much prettier "L'Atelier d Emma".
Today she shared my blog with her readers.
The artists she usually features create amazing contemporary textiles. That's why I read it. It is different from what I do but the world is a big place and I love to see what others are making.

So I had to laugh when I read my work described as "English kitsch"! Please don't blame the English, I'm American. But then I looked up various definitions for kitsch, English kitsch, American kitsch, French kitsch... well you get the idea.
To me kitsch always just meant bad taste. Maybe that is all it means. Maybe it has many meanings depending on the place, generation...
I found it can refer to anything funky and fun and pink from the 50's. 
That's OK with me.

(PS, a sweet reader has just set me straight about the french definition of kitsch. She said "No, Janet, Kitsch in France, does not mean tasteless. This word refers to the past obsolete. Moreover, the kitsch is back in fashion regularly.")

  Oscar Wilde said it best, "The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about."
 Thank you Emma for talking about my work. I am enjoying the comments very much. I love the opportunity to share my work with a wider audience!   I also love now knowing kitsch is good!
And the drawings? They are included for everyone's coloring pleasure.

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