The Castle Archway

 The castle archway began years ago as a theater arch only partially completed.  I pick the project up again, widen the arch and now I’d like to finish it. I am including children from the […]

Golden Rule Retreat Day 27

Thank goodness for sunshine!!! Today was our second sunny day and it did wonders for lifting the spirit.   My SAL is almost done. I worked on the corners. On the lower left I added […]

Golden Rule Retreat Day 27

Thank goodness for spring.   Our daughter Jane picked up and installed a new bee package (that means 3 lbs. of bees and a queen) on Sunday. She came back today to check on the […]

Golden Rule Retreat Day 26

  I worked the scalloped edge around the heart in two shades of blue. I used a blanket stitch.   I used 4 shades of red around the blue scallops. I knew this was going […]

Golden Rule Retreat Day 18

Are you stitching along? In this step I have filled in the parts of the heart where the tulips and hearts are drawn. I decided it would be easier to have a solid background for adding the […]

Golden Rule Retreat Day 17

A different approach to free-motion machine embroidery. The castle image was created in Photoshop and printed on fabric. The mountain side and the sky are free-motion embroidery. Finally the piece was mounted on a wool background […]

Golden Rule Retreat Day 15

  Years ago I created a collection of polar bear wool and cotton applique designs.   The project was canceled.   Ursa Major and Ursa Minor mean Big Bear and Little Bear.   I put […]

Golden Rule Retreat Day 14

Today really was the day the teddy bears had their picnic! A beautiful sunny day brought the bears out of their cottage. Pails and baskets were filled with goodies. They found a sheltered mossy spot.

Golden Rule Retreat

  The answer to yesterday’s question is ‘Belling The Cat’.   And a contemporary version of the fable ‘The Ants and the Grasshopper.’   

Golden Rule Retreat

Today’s post is one image and one question. What fable is this? Remember I am looking for the name of a fable not a fairy tale or nursery rhyme or even a myth. Unfortunately only […]