The Golden Rule Retreat, Part 1

Welcome to my studio. Anyone who regularly follows this blog knows that the Golden Rule is central to the World Of Possibilities. In the current world state of uncertainty and anxiousness, “Treat Others As You […]

Oh What A Night

  My casket journey officially began in early May 2013 with this sketch.      5 years later I had the extraordinary experience of exhibiting the finished casket at Winterthur Museum .     All […]

The Castle of the Dragon Prince and an Announcement

This is where the Dragon Prince lives. It is also Ruthie’s home. The gold mines (“He who has the gold rules”) run under the castle. Other tunnels link to the Enchanted Forest and points beyond. […]

6-17-17 Official Finish Date!

  It is official, the casket is complete!  6-17-17, yesterday, I finished the key tassels.   I wrapped the wooden forms with gilt and silver plated Elizabethan Twist.   Now I plan to put 4 […]

Casket Progress….It’s Getting Close!

  After posting images of the back panel I decided it wasn’t done to my satisfaction.   So, using some of the techniques I used for the Casket Toys, I created some swags for the […]

Forest or Trees……Garden or Flowers…..?

  Ruthie bids farewell to the Bluebird as she and Joseph head into the Enchanted Forest.   The lower back panel is complete. Here are lots of details.   A big step in the process […]

Panel In Place

  In Place! I almost gave up on this piece. So many mistakes in measuring, placement, gluing…….    I’m glad I didn’t give up. Yes my name is hard to read but I love the […]

Signature Piece

  Inside the casket is a panel that slides over the top drawers. It is the only piece I hadn’t covered yet.   Here is the embroidery for that panel. My name is pretty easy […]

Casket Back Progress

  I do have a plan when I start. It is really more of a guide, an inspiration or just an idea.   It is rarely followed line by line.   But I do have […]