Peg Dolls!

I had fun assembling bits and pieces of wooden shapes to create little peg dolls of different designs. Then I dressed them up in embroidered wool outfits. Enjoy!

Fun News!

I am so late sharing this good news. Please forgive me. I am delighted to tell you I am one of the artists featured in the winter issue of WHAT Women Create. I hope you […]

What I’ve Been Working On

I have been working on a group of embroideries for a new project. The first piece is this tongue border. The second piece is a floral design. Again, just the same four colors. Here are […]

Little People Update

Here are the Little People I decided to make. None are over an 1-1/2″ high. Beads and buttons, glue and paint were the materials I used.

Catching Up

Adding images and text to this blog is still so confusing for me. So much to post if I could just figure out how.

Little People

I want to make more small figures for my stage settings. I gathered an assortment of little figures looking for inspiration for making my own. the beige thread figures above are my first attempt. Pretty […]