Casket Doors

I set up the front doors for the casket. I gave the window space a light blue wash and the walls a beige. I started stitching the floor. I love the checks but this type of floor is much too grand for the workshops of Claire and William. 
But the turning point against this background was when I discovered I drew it 1/4″ too short!
Plan B. 
First I made the doors the correct size. Good plan.
I decided not to color wash the background. And I didn’t draw the straight lines of the shelves and windows before mounting the background fabric. I will trace as I go. 

So here are early drawings of William’s and Claire’s workshops.
And the templates I will use to construct their figures.
Templates for the heads too. 
Meanwhile I have been stitching little details to add later.

Flower pots for the window sills.

And the views outsides the windows.

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