Casket Doors Update!!!

Claire’s door is finished! The border will be red to match the exterior of the Red House embroidery above the doors. Here are some detail shots. The little blue bird in her cage. And I […]

Getting Close

Claire’s dolly workshop is close to being done. Traditional 17th century casket usually have a dog running through a scene somewhere so I had to include a doggie friend on my casket too.

Claire’s New Dress

Claire may only have one leg to stand on at the moment but she loves her new dress! The underskirt is embroidered silk, the same silk I am using to line many little areas inside […]

Making Faces

I wasn’t happy with the first smile I stitched on Claire’s face.  So I decided to experiment in Photoshop. How can such a little bit of line and color say so much in an expression?

Outlook Improving

This is the view from Claire’s workshop window. Silk Soutache over mica window. And the view from William’s workshop. The silk ribbon is a background for more special threads to come.

Casket Doors

I set up the front doors for the casket. I gave the window space a light blue wash and the walls a beige. I started stitching the floor. I love the checks but this type […]

Christmas Surprises

Claire lives in The Red House. Here is part of her wardrobe. Don’t forget to check The Embroiderer’s Story for her 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway.

A New Embroidered Jacket

  Claire needed a new jacket. I thought you might like to see how I make them.   The jacket is embroidered in one piece. I chain stitch around the outside edge. Then I coat […]

Claire’s new pattern

If you’ve read “The Red House” you’ve met Claire. Claire loves to make things and this is one of her new designs. She started out thinking it might be for a new set of dishes […]