Golden Rule Retreat Day 35

Claire and William Here are four versions of Claire and William. Starting on the left are the original two figures made for the Red House. Next come the most current figures working hard to get […]

Casket Doors

I set up the front doors for the casket. I gave the window space a light blue wash and the walls a beige. I started stitching the floor. I love the checks but this type […]

Little Travelers

Her bag is packed. And her dolly is snug in her arms. What adventure awaits?

The Princely Dragon’s Birthday Party

The Dragon Prince is celebrating his birthday! All the children of the kingdom are invited. Mama Bear is helping out. There is a birthday cake. Party hats. Balloons.

A Very Little Doll

After many attempts I have come up with a dolly design to use on the outside of the casket as well in some scenes on the inside. The edge is wired so I can pose […]

May Day, May Day!

I had several things on my to-do list this morning. But then I looked at today’s post at “It’s About Time”. Written by Barbara Wells Sarudy this blog is a daily treat. When I saw […]

Two Dollies in Red

Two Dollies in Red One is a Thimblehead Well it’s really a hat Imagine that.

A Macaroni

Every community of country house dolls needs its own Macaroni. I love his ponytail! And the little swagger in his hips. He is a 6 inch doll which translates as a 6 foot man in […]

The Dragon Prince 2 Ways

The Dragon Prince Doll has been almost done for over 2 years. Last night I spent another hour working on him. I think his embroidered counterpart, stitched for my casket, captures his mean spirit and […]

The Owl

The Owl before he goes to sea in his beautiful pea green boat. All decked out.