Knot In My Backyard

  This knot garden is stitched with a foundation of silk braided lacet trim basted to a pattern on a fabric base. Those are the red stitches. I always try to use a contrasting color, […]

The Enchanted Forest

  Maybe Spring is near. The Enchanted Forest is starting to grow.     This is for the back of my casket, the only side left to complete.   Half bird and half snail, what […]

The First Map

  The first map to guide you around the World of Possibilities.  

Hidden Meanings

  More Casket Toy News When I first posted an image of William’s workshop on one of the doors of my casket I didn’t go into much detail about the design.   Starting in the […]

Casket Toys Part III

  Casket Toy Contest The doll version of Time began as a stuffed body of the figure that has a wire armature inside. Mr Peacock is not sure what to make of him.   The […]

Casket Toys Part II

  More about my casket toys! There is a very good reason this garden twinkles! The photo above shows how each flower was made. A short length of metal purl was stretched out over a […]

The Garden, Casket Toys Part I

 Lucky Me! Check The Embroiderer’s Story this morning.  My Casket Toys have won the grand prize, A New Casket for me to embroider! One of the toys I entered is this garden scene. Here is […]

Knotted Gimp

  Using 2 colors of gimp I made overhand knots about every 1/4 to 1/2″.   Then the length was couched in place.   This is Time’s collar, lots of texture but still pretty much […]

Casket Lid Finish!

  The top embroidered panel of the casket is now complete!!!!!    I stitched the needlelace border to match the light blue color of the surrounding panels transitioning to the darkest blue to go with […]

Planning A Trip

  Inside my casket you get a glimpse of my sampler.    And here is a view of the entire piece.   Down at the very bottom of the sampler I mention maps, guides and […]