The Golden Rule Retreat, Part 1

Welcome to my studio. Anyone who regularly follows this blog knows that the Golden Rule is central to the World Of Possibilities.
In the current world state of uncertainty and anxiousness, “Treat Others As You Would Like To Be Treated” has enormous merit.
As we ‘retreat’,  whether at home, work or on the road, let’s treat others as we would like to be treated.
So my retreat plan is to enjoy and share as much eye candy as I can.
I’d like to start with a tour of my cabinet of caskets. I have most of the embroideries that make up the World of Possibilities in this cabinet. Two of the caskets are complete. Once Upon A Time is on the top shelf and The Enchanted Forest is below.
The cross-section of the Dragon Prince’s castle is propped up on the upper shelf as well. Looking back at the original post of this piece I realize I need to take so detail photos so you can enjoy all of the activities going on upstairs and downstairs.
The embroidered Village map is tucked away on the bottom shelf. 

Casket three, Fables To Go is still a work in progress. Here Claire poses in front of one of the completed but unattached doors to that casket.

 And some views of the Enchanted Forest.

Ruthie and the Princely Dragon are preparing snacks for your next visit.
See you then. 

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