14 Replies to “Getting Close”

  1. For all the long hours you've spent on these most intricate stitches to bring such loveliness to the world, I applaud you Janet! My mind is boggled when I think "from spools of thread and a needle!" Thank you for opening the window for me!!

  2. It's just amazing! All of the little details, like your letter (very creative signature), the puppy and the balls of yarn add so much to the scene.

  3. LOVE it Janet! Your whole casket is going to be so HAPPY & Fun! I think my favorite is your balls of yarn…now if this was my Biscuit….he would be allllll tangled in that yarn! Your Dot must be a good doggie!!! XOXOXOXOXOXO

  4. Dot was the best little dog. I miss her! She always looked on the couch or chair where I was working and only jumped where she won't disturb my work. Unless of course there was a thunderstorm.
    Give Biscuit a hug from me.

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