Signing My Work

One of the delights of all the beautiful caskets we viewed in Scotland and England last fall was discovering the occasional signature, note or trinket left behind by the creator of the piece.
One of the ways I have decided  to sign my casket is with a bundle of letters on the front. Eventually they will be tucked into a pile of thread spools and needles and pins.
But how do you make tiny silk letters?

I created my ‘letters’ in Photoshop, printed them out on silk printer ready fabric, then coated them with a gloss varnish. I hope the varnish will keep the silk from fraying. 

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9 Replies to “Signing My Work”

  1. Thanks Janice! The wheels are always turning, how can I do this? That? Why not try…?
    That's what I love about this project. So many ways to stretch.

  2. I love this idea…as long as the possibility of the varnish darkening or deteriorating is super low.

    Just making sure the labels are somehow affixed to your creation in an inconspicuous and protected place is what seems to have gotten most of the notes through the ravages of time and loss… It's that first hundred years or so that are the most vulnerable… the decades when it's pre-antique – merely old and possible 'out of fashion'. Remember, the pieces we love today were being viciously excoriated only a century back! Heaven knows what was lost then and before.

    But it's still a terrific idea and a genuine act of faith tempered by practical application!

  3. Hi Elisabeth,
    The letters are stitched together and will of course be stitched in place. Yes they might yellow and age. Or fade or deteriorate. It is only one way I plan to sign the casket.
    Time will have the final say on what happens to our caskets no matter what we do.
    Thanks for visiting!

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