I Have Been Working But……..

I tried inserting text in the Photoshop images but it is too small to read. So I will repeat myself.
I want my casket to tell the story of “The Red House” and the “World of Possibilities”.
I have had fun trying to divvy up the front of the box into sections of a house.  My first attempts were over-ambitious in scale and the stitching style not my own.

I am playing with color and with scale. I am playing with ideas and concepts for the casket as a whole.

But  somewhere along the line I have lost my creative voice.
So I revisited embroideries I like and I that I want my casket to project. I had to rethink the facade. 
I’m liking this. Just 2 stories and I am playing with the surfaces and
which planes project where. And I am playing with the edges. I know I
don’t want to frame each ‘panel’ with the silver tape.
For my vision it will be too disjointed.

This is the feeling, this is the mood I want to evoke. Very folk art, very ethnic embroidery.

So here I am. The designs over the  2nd story windows are stitched in the style and colors I want. You are probably wondering how I plan to let the windows project over the frieze. Oh, believe me, it is just too beautiful and all will be revealed soon!

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4 Replies to “I Have Been Working But……..”

  1. Just wonderful to see your very creative mind at work!! And, I'm so surprised to read that you felt you had lost your creative voice for a moment. You have one of the most recognizable styles I have ever had the privilege to see. I so admire how all of your work sings with your signature voice. I hope I find mine one day :))))

  2. HI Starr,
    You will find you own creative voice! It is just a process of trying on lots of styles and ideas until, as you say, your work will sing.
    I think in studying embroidered caskets and looking at so much 17th century work I started to think the 17th century style was the only style I could create this casket in. Of course I know that is not true, I knew it all along, but it easy to get swept up.
    Now that I have come to my senses and I am much happier!

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