I strongly believe that a working model should be exactly that, something you really WORK on. You can see from the picture above how many layers of ideas I have tried out so far.

Thank goodness for tape! 
Here you get an idea of how the windows will project over the lower frieze. Of course there is the possibility of the windows opening or simply a scene stitched ‘behind’ the glass. 

At first I thought I might make the whole casket the Red House but what I really want to stitch are stories and figures not siding.
One of the worlds in the World of Possibilities is the Golden Rule Mountains. This story will be told on each of the two sides.  

In keeping with the projected designs on the front I have decided to project the mountains on each side with other ‘worlds’ in the distance. The beauty of telling you all of this is that so much will change between now and completion. 
The top of the box is Once upon Time.  

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2 Replies to “A WORKING MOCKUP”

  1. thank you, Janet, for generously sharing so much of your creative process here. I am learning so much from you! Plus it's a lot of fun to watch a genius at work 😉

  2. I am happy to share the process because so many people think ideas spring fully formed from an artist head to the paper. It doesn't work that way!

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