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I have been stitching. But my efforts are strung out all over the place.
I have finally started playing with designs at the actual size of the casket I hope to cover. And using silk thread. 

I am having a hard time knowing what I can draw and what I can stitch. It is a learning process. This is a study for one of the front door panels.
This is a study for the side panel. 

A tree of life design detail.


Another Tree of Life, this is not for the casket project.

Figures from my Once Upon A Time series are arranged on the tree.
The last group of samples are based on one of the themes for our quilting group’s next show; Scraps.
So I have reached into my thread scrap bag and started playing. 

We’ll see.
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  1. I so admire you talent with both needle and pencil and this latest project is looking really good. You have created some very nice samples from your scrap bag too. The tree is also amazing, so many things to see and admire on it.

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