And Another SAL Finish

My mother just finished her SAL too! I love the soft pastel colors and her happy chirping birds. I have all of the finished SALs together on the SAL page.

A New SAL Finish!

This is beautiful! I love the colors. Very bright and beautifully stitched. Lots of details at Brodibidouillages et Compagnie

All Done!

My stitching is done!  I love a thick border of chain stitches.  Plus it provided the perfect place for the date. Don’t forget to send your photos!!

More SAL progress

I am very close to completing my SAL.    This is how I decided to complete one corner. And another tulip is filled in. My personal stitcher,Claudia, is hard at work too. And from Margo Brooks […]

Oh Another SAL!

Isn’t this stunning? Stitched by Majo van der Woude at Tree of Needlework. You can see step by step how she stitched this on wool. I am surprised I didn’t know about Majo’s site since […]

Other SAL’s!

I love surprises in my morning email box. Today it came from  Brodibidouillages and Company.  I love the herringbone stitches all around the arches. And they make a beautiful tulip. I have never done Schwalm […]

SAL Progress

The lower right hand corner is complete.  I even ‘buried’ my initials underground.  The blue birds have 3D wings. And one row of hearts offer a place for the eye to rest with a branch of […]

SAL Progress

I have been stitching. I have been having fun. I’ve known for a while that I need to have my eyes examined. When you enlarge your stitches to this size, then you really know it […]

SAL Sunday

The lower left corner is complete. For now. I never know if I might add or change something. And the left hand side of the embroidery is nearing completion. I love borders of multi-color chain […]

Moving Along

First a row of chain stitch along an edge of one tulip. Then a row of detached buttonhole stitches in the chain row. And the repeat. It was interesting to do. Not something I’m in […]