Golden Rule Retreat Day 7

Treat others as you would like to be treated. In other words, you don’t want to spread the virus, you don’t want to get the virus. That is what the golden rule retreat is all about.
Today’s topic is closed borders but these are borders we will all enjoy.
Each panel on the casket needs a borders after the embroidery has been pasted to the wood box. Traditionally these edges were finished with a woven silver tape.
I have come up with a variety of custom borders for my panels. For ‘The Lion and the Mouse’ panel i made this red and green border. It is 3 strands of green lacet tape with red and green crinkle silk gimp between the tapes. The border is created to fit the panel.
I like to glue the top edge first.
Then I glue the remaining three sides.
The ‘Grasshopper and Ants’ fable is different. Here I made a white border for the top half and a red border for the bottom.
This border is entirely hand stitched needle lace and is my favorite type of border. It is also the hardest on my hands to stitch.
The different colors of the border reinforce the design of a warm underground home for the ants and the blistering cold world of the grasshopper. 
Hope everyone is coping well. Let me know if these posts help! 
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7 Replies to “Golden Rule Retreat Day 7”

  1. Glad you’re enjoying the stories. You didn’t know what I was up to because I haven’t been blogging enough!
    I’m setting up a new adventure today. Hope to have the first of that story ready in the next couple days!

  2. Your posts definitely help. I love your alternative world and your posts are so positive and make me want to get my needle and thread out straight away. Thank you. I don't tell you enough how much I appreciate your posts

  3. Thanks Marian! I felt so needy asking for feedback but sometimes I’m just not sure if anyone is stopping by.
    The Golden Rule Retreat is trying something new very soon, so check back.

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