Here Comes The Sun

  I don’t enjoy stitching with soie ovale but it makes wonderful fluffy flowers. And I do love making stems and swags.   I have been playing with and loving silk Cartisane Gimp.   The Sun […]

The Last Fable Panel

  The last fable on the “Fables To Go” casket is The Owl and The Grasshopper.   This fable will be on one of the side slopes. I need to finish stitching the border edge. […]

Golden Rule Retreat Day 28

Early versions of Once and Time   Some of my earliest attempts at stumpwork. This is the interior of the clock tower where Once and Time live. It looks out over The Village.    An […]

Golden Rule Retreat Day 7

Treat others as you would like to be treated. In other words, you don’t want to spread the virus, you don’t want to get the virus. That is what the golden rule retreat is all […]

Making A Stage

                         Making The Stage Watch the process of design and stitching to create a stage that fits inside casket number 3 “Fable To Go”.

Casket Top Fable

The fable on the top of the casket is “ The Cock and The Fox.” I hope to finish the videos for 3 more fables soon. 

My First Fable Video

A short video of the fable The Hare and The Tortoise. And another fable, The Lion and The Mouse.