Golden Rule Retreat Day 8

First a big thank you for the comments yesterday!
Thank you!
I wish I could stitch everything by hand. My hands won’t let me.
So I made the inside door panels and the dressing room using free motion machine embroidery.
I start out stitching in a hoop. Once I have enough stitched over the main area of the design, I remove the hoop. Then I just add one layer of color after another.

Then I fill in the background.
Here I am laying out the design for the dressing room wall of mirrors.

Stitching bit by bit.

Here is another look at the inside of the doors.

And here is the dressing room. Nothing is attached yet and I am still finding little odds and ends to tuck into the scene.
I put my pandemic badge on the mirror to date when this was created.
Coming Soon! Maybe Tomorrow!!!
The Golden Rule Improv  Theater or GRIT will have its first production ready for your amusement!

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