A New Year

The Dragon Prince (“He who has the gold rules”), Once (“Once Upon A Time” ) and the Princely Dragon (“Treat others as you would be”) decided to start the new year by working together.

And here is Time (Once’s best friend) who just flew in. (Of course Time flies.)

What better way to start the year than a party.

And EVERYONE is welcome. 

No walls.

And lots of people.

Arriving however they can.

Of course the bears were invited too.

And lots of food.

All nationalities.

The World of Possibilities will continue, The Casket Chronicles will resume and I will Create, Hope and Build all year.
I hope you will join me. 

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4 Replies to “A New Year”

  1. Happy New Year Janet, to you and your family. What a wonderful way to start a fresh new year – your 'crew' of little people just made my day. Thank you. Anna x

  2. Oh dear Janet! I want to come to your party! It looks like the making of another story book. Oh my – when I think of all the hours…meticulously making and collecting, loving each one and delighting in their personalities – may this new year be another one of creativity for you. And sharing! I'm thrilled beyond words with your blog and all that comes from your heart and hands. God Bless!
    Happy New Year to You and Yours,

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