Meet Aesop

  There are many stories about Aesop. He is a figure of legend and mystery.  Now he has agreed to help Claire and William stage his fables. 

A New Year

  The Dragon Prince (“He who has the gold rules”), Once (“Once Upon A Time” ) and the Princely Dragon (“Treat others as you would be”) decided to start the new year by working together. […]

For Your Valetine

Years ago I created a collection of little gift bags for Vogue Patterns. This little Lady must not have made the cut since I still have her. If you scroll half way down the “About […]

Inaugural Village Christmas Market

The dollys in the village decided to hold their first ever Christmas Market. It is important to come dressed for the weather. For a first ever event the dollys were delighted with the outcome. And […]

Little Travelers

Her bag is packed. And her dolly is snug in her arms. What adventure awaits?

The Princely Dragon’s Birthday Party

The Dragon Prince is celebrating his birthday! All the children of the kingdom are invited. Mama Bear is helping out. There is a birthday cake. Party hats. Balloons.

Doll House Keeping

My dollhouse had housekeeping issues that needed to be dealt with. So I took a couple photos before I dismantled everything. And the dollies requested a group photo!

And 2 More Dollies

This little dear is only 3 3/4″ tall. And another sewing dolly. Also very small.

New Little Dollies

I found this sweet shadowbox online. New dollies thought they would visit. This chair is just right.