Another Mountain View

There are 2 different views of the Golden Rule Mountains on the casket. This is a new view, the mountains on the side of the Prince. In front of his mountains is a grove of trees.
The mountains sit on the lower frieze of the casket.

Above the mountains is a tapered panel on the casket. I have been experimenting with Italian Wire Mesh and combining it with the silk ‘Cordon’ from the Frosting Club treasure box.
This is as far as I got on that panel.

The other side of the casket holds the mountain view I’ve shown you before. 
Again I have used the Italian Wire Mesh and Cabinet of Curiosities supplies for the background scene.

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3 Replies to “Another Mountain View”

  1. Oh my goodness!! You've been BUSY – your stitching is totally amazing to my old eyes. The mountains are absolutely wonderful, especially the undersea ones where the bubbles are floating up, looking and acting exactly like bubbles!!! I can't stop looking at your stitches – the red on red – all the use of threads and trims I've never seen the likes of – what an honor to be able to see and truly enjoy the work of your blessed heart and hands!! You've made this old lady's day – again!!

  2. This is So Awesome, Janet! The range of materials and textures is just wonderful. So many thoughtful details. I bet you are working on it all the time. 😀

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