12 Replies to “You finally Get to See This Casket Thing I’ve Been Talking About”

  1. A woman of my own heart – so much more fun with a class of red in had. I can only imagine your excitement getting the box in the post. I can't wait to see it transformed into a true treasure box, covered in your fabulous art. Have fun, Anna

  2. I have to thank hubby for taking the pictures. I would have been too intent on the box to remember to photograph anything. Of course he had to try the locks, drawers, hinges…. We were like two kids bent over a new toy! Oh yeah, we are two kids.

  3. The windows are FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! What great ideas (and embroidery) you have come up with! I can't wait to see it finished, either. No pressure, of course. Just have FUN, FUN, FUN making this-it's a once in a lifetime experience!

  4. No Pressure! I have never felt so overwhelmed! Seeing all of that empty wood is terrifying but challenging. I'm glad I'm experimenting on the trinket book. It has answered a couple questions about the workablity of some of my ideas.

  5. I can just feel the excitement like I was in the room with you. The 'hug' is a great photo and I will also raise a glass to you and how fabulous your stitched pieces look against that casket form already….looking forward to sharing your journey of transforming that plain old wood to a 'Phantasmagorical Curiosity Cabinet' Janet Brandt style. Love that word and it so captures your style of creative imagination. Rae.

  6. Loved this post Janet~ so glad you got your casket home with you! …just looking at it and knowing how magical and whimsical your embroidery is, makes me think that if one opens the lid, they may get shrunk immediately and pulled right into it~ a mini Janet's world~ cant wait to see it!

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