Open Shut Case

Windows at last! Pinned to the board they don’t look like all the work they were. The little lady in the window is ready to feed the as yet unstitched birds.
Here is the stitching guide for the open window frame.
After stitching I glued the green frame to the mica window.
Here are all of the components for the closed window. The brown around the window opening is a mat board frame used as a spacer to lift the window away from the flower and curtain embroidery.

Ready to stitch the shutters and pediment around the window.

The red braid is 5 loop finger braiding done with 3 shades of red Trebizond silk perle.
I thought of adding this gold twist, but it is much to formal for this facade.

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  1. Hi Janet, things are popping out all over this blog too…lol. Loving your windows. You are comming up as a no reply blogger and so I couldn't reply via email to your comment. Man this stumpwork is fun. Still hanging out for that kit to arrive!!! Rae

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