A Pane-ful Process

The front of my casket is the facade of the Red House. I have been playing with window designs and techniques since I started the design process.
Some of the designs you have already seen.

 The scale of the windows has changed many times.
And so has the window frame design.

 Shingles will cover the slope of the casket, behind the windows. But I have not been happy with any of this.

So I am trying something different.

This is starting to have the look I want.

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6 Replies to “A Pane-ful Process”

  1. LOVE the dark red!! It really makes the windows pop. The red and green combo on the other window isn't nearly as exciting. I can't wait to see the finished design!

  2. Love love love everything about the vibrancy of your work Janet. You are so prolific and original it is truly awe inspiring.Your casket will be simply stunning no matter what the choices made along the way.Rae

  3. Complementary colors work the best to make the windows pop and come forward. I absolutely adore the dark red – and everything you stitch!!!

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