Almost There

To many of you this may not look much different than the last photo.  But there has been so much progress!
First of all, all of the pieces are now stitched to the background, and Time now has a tail. It might be hard to see, but there are little red beads that are the pieces of candy Time smuggles into the kingdom of the Dragon Prince for the children. They know to look in his mane and find and enjoy the treats. The Prince has some idea that something is going on, something nice, something that he would never approve of but is powerless to stop as long as Time is there! 
I finally finished the boots and crown of the prince and am now playing with ways of bordering the embroidery after it is mounted on the casket. 
In the upper left hand corner is a quarter of the border. I would like to create the border in segments so it will be easier to fit at the last minute. Waiting for feedback on this. Haven’t a clue if it will work.
This one corner segment is just pinned in placed, not stitched.

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3 Replies to “Almost There”

  1. oh yes beautiful, so much to see and admire. I forget did you tell us what size it is? The border really sets if off not sure though when and how you should attach it

  2. Hi Margaret,
    The piece is about 6" x 7". It is sized to fit the side panel of the casket. Check the link at the right for more casket details!

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