Closed Borders

My first casket panel is complete! I am delighted with how the border turned out. It is just pinned in place for now and will be permanently attached after I attach the embroidery to the casket.  […]

Almost There

To many of you this may not look much different than the last photo.  But there has been so much progress! First of all, all of the pieces are now stitched to the background, and […]

Making Time

This is Once upon Time. They appear over and over as the main characters of my stories. Now I’m ready to create Time for one of the sides of my casket. Here is his head. […]

A Casket Chronicle: Design Sketch

  I have finally started playing with design possibilities for my Embroidered Casket. The sketch above revisits motifs and patterns I’ve used for hooked rugs, wool appliques and for embroidery. The tongue border is an […]

Once Upon A Time

  You have seen this piece in a past post. I decided to make it a night scene. Once is sitting astride her friend Time on the ledge of the clock tower where they live. […]

Stumpwork Time

  This is Time. You have met him here and here. This stumpwork version of Once’s friend was originally going to be stretching out next to Once’s bed in her clock tower room. Here is […]

Stumpwork Embroidery Room Setting

  Here is my newest room setting for Once and Time. I’ve made several changes since I first posted the image below.   To begin with, I changed the scale of the figures. The headless […]