Possibilities for the Spring Workshop

The only problem with ‘The World Of Possibilities’ is, well, there are just soooo many possibilities! I will be teaching at The Hen and Chicks Studio April 20&21, 2013. I have been playing with lots of potential projects. A cloth doll?…..

……..A wooden peg doll and embroidered costume?…..

……Embroidered wool pin cushion?……..

…..Cotton Scarf?………. 

……Fabric Stitch Journal?……

……or wool applique with LOTS of embroidery?

I think this last project is the winner. What do you think?

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4 Replies to “Possibilities for the Spring Workshop”

  1. Hello Janet,
    I think an applique class with lots of embroidery would be a good project too. Love your blog. Oh, BTW I have all three of your books that I bought a long time ago. VBG

    For some reason today I have no internet for email. Very strange sooooooooooooo i can not read any of my messages. Sad but true. Hugs judy

  2. Hello Janet, well choice is hard and the bigger the choice the harder it gets. all ter projects sound interesting but I would pick the peg doll, this is because I have never done anything like that, mind you I could well change my mind tomorrow and go with the pin cushion, whatever you choose I am sure the class will love it,

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