6 Replies to “The Castle Archway”

  1. It is delightful, Janet. I love the colours in the flowers and foliage. I can see the shape of the arch is different in the first and last photos – I am guessing the last picture is of the original arch?
    Best Stitches,
    Anna x

  2. Hi Anna,
    Yes the last picture is the original smaller arch. I found a new home/idea for the arch 10 years after starting and had to change the size and shape to fit. I am much less fussy about so many parts of my work now. I don’t worry about each little stitch. I have fun and tell my story!

  3. Dear Annmarie,
    Thank you for writing and thank you for your kind words.
    I am so thankful for social media otherwise there would be no way to share my work!

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