Golden Rule Retreat Day 15

Years ago I created a collection of polar bear wool and cotton applique designs.
The project was canceled.
Ursa Major and Ursa Minor mean Big Bear and Little Bear.
I put a navy blue dot in most of the stars only leaving the appropriate ones white. Those I connected with a white running stitch while the rest of the piece was quilted in navy.
I like the moon border.

 And then there is my favorite….
…the Storyteller.

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3 Replies to “Golden Rule Retreat Day 15”

  1. Thanks Rachel. I no longer give away any of my energy looking for ways to publish, promote, perform….I just make things and have to be content with sharing online. This group of designs is a perfect example of ‘business’ saying they want something, then ripping the rug out from under an artist. If something falls into my lap great, if not I’m OK too.

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