Better Resolution

  These photos my take longer than usual to load but hopefully you will be able to explore and enjoy the details better. This dapper young bird might be looking for some nightlife.    3 […]

End of the Day in the Enchanted Forest

  It’s the ‘End of the Day’ and all of the creatures of the Enchanted Forest are coming home.   Papa Bird has a pocket full of worms and his lantern all aglow as he […]

Wool Embroidery, Almost Done!

  The background layer of the wool embroidery is almost complete!   But now I am having a great time adding another layer of design to the embroidery. Here I have added a clump of […]


  There was a touch of brightness in the sky so I tried to get some up-to-date shots of my wool embroidery.   The last main character of “Nighttime In The Enchanted Forest” is Papa […]

Slow But Steady Progress

  I have decided doing the chain stitch is what hurts most. So I have been doing little of it.   But by popping the embroidery back in the hoop I have been able to […]


  I have been stitching again. Well actually I overdid it. I was stitching, now I’m resting my hand.   But I love the progress I have made. The house that the young bird is […]


  Where has August gone? So little progress to share.   But I am very happy with the spider web.


  I chose to scan my embroidery this morning. Not sure if it is better or worse, just different. The far left end of the embroidery is moving right along. And I have this wonderful […]