11 Replies to “End of the Day in the Enchanted Forest”

  1. Well I have to enjoyed seeing your world come to life but I think you need to rethink it a bite there is space for just a bite more say a figure of your best friend Brian in the shadow in the back ground. just a thought. As always love your work and think you are a rock start in the fabric world. The Crazy Haberdasher Brian Haggard.

  2. This is truly an epic work of beauty and complexity. I am both awed and inspired by the amazing work of art you have created here.

    Please, PLEASE, upload a high resolution scan or picture of the entire completed work so we may marvel at your lovely details.

  3. Hi Kate,
    I have just posted what I hope are better photos. Thanks for asking. Let me know if they give you the detail you want.

  4. We are finally starting our classes and I can wait to show everyone our new place to work it is on March 24th from 12:00 to 4:00 would love to see you and Chris at the Habadasher Studio untill them my friend keep stitchen…..

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