Golden Rule Retreat Part 3

Casket three is “Fables To Go”. It is a mobile theater that Claire and William are creating in order to take their fable productions on the road. The first photo shows the casket doors completed but not yet hinged to the casket itself. Propped inside the upper part of the casket is the finished lid and the ink well tray I posted previously.
 When the doors are opened you start to see the theater theme unfold.
Ticket sales are on the left and snacks for the show are available on the right.
When the bottom drawer is opened the theater stage is revealed.
Once the stage and proscenium are removed, the bottom drawer is turned over and it becomes the foundation for the stage. It is painted as swirly grass.
Claire and William now have the stage set and rehearsals can begin.
Children in the neighborhood love to come and watch!  

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