HAPPY NEW YEAR DEAR READERS. Thank you for visiting, for following, for commenting. It all means a great deal to me. I look forward to next year and more progress in ‘the world of possibilities’! […]

Making Faces

I wasn’t happy with the first smile I stitched on Claire’s face.  So I decided to experiment in Photoshop. How can such a little bit of line and color say so much in an expression?

Outlook Improving

This is the view from Claire’s workshop window. Silk Soutache over mica window. And the view from William’s workshop. The silk ribbon is a background for more special threads to come.

Thank You Emma! and Free Coloring Pages!

One of the pleasures of my morning routine is catching up on the newest blog posts I list along the right hand side of this blog. On the list for several years now has been […]

Casket Doors

I set up the front doors for the casket. I gave the window space a light blue wash and the walls a beige. I started stitching the floor. I love the checks but this type […]

Inaugural Village Christmas Market

The dollys in the village decided to hold their first ever Christmas Market. It is important to come dressed for the weather. For a first ever event the dollys were delighted with the outcome. And […]