9 Replies to “Almost Dressed”

  1. He's beautiful! Only one thing…the violin was not really 'visible' to me at first glance – not enough contrast in the outline? Maybe this is just a photo issue…In any event, the energy and joy of this figure is a delight! Thank you for sharing this with us…Elisabeth from CoC

  2. Thanks Margaret. He has been so much fun to work on. The embroidery looks empty without him now.(all the pieces are in a bag to be sewn on later)

  3. Hi Elizabeth,
    You might be right about the need for more contrast but I plan to hold off until I am further along with the entire panel. Thanks for your input.

  4. Oh, don't change the violin!! My daughter is a violinist, and yours looks just like her antique Italian instrument. I was thinking that the Dragon Prince must be a really good fiddle player to have such an instrument!

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