Up On the House Top

I have stitched the shingles for the front slope of my casket. Here they are pinned to a piece of foam core over a drawing of the 3 top panels for the casket.

Then I started some color studies in Photoshop.
Originally I had started working from the top layer back and I kept changing my mind about what I liked. Now I am working in the other direction, background, room interior, window frame and finally dormer.

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3 Replies to “Up On the House Top”

  1. such immaculate stitching for your roof, wonder if you have decided on all the colours for the house front yet or still playing with photoshop

  2. Hi Margaret,
    Yes I'm still playing with color. Any suggestions?! I love posting photos online because it gives such a different perspective to composition and color. And of course even if I say I have decided on colors I'll probably change my mind. I do that alot.

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