Almost Back To Work

I was so excited to finally get back to my stitching today. Except all the beautiful silk goodies I now own don’t fit in the little box I used to keep them in.

So I got out my foam-core, hot glue gun, and muslin and made a stand that just fits my little green desk top. I pinned a pin cushion to the side.

Pretty maids all in a row. At the end of the day all is covered.

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8 Replies to “Almost Back To Work”

  1. Aren't we stitchers all big kids with a different kind of playground – LOL! 😉
    I just love this "stand" that you've made. Small question … are these all silks of the Cabinet of Curiosities or also a lot of silks you've bought "like that"? Just anticipating in the fun this Cabinet is going to be. Come on May 1st! 😉
    Kind greetings,

  2. How beautiful-and smart! You don't use what you don't see, and this way of storing your threads will get you to actually use them. Silk is VERY addictive to use, after using silk for awhile you won't want to use anything else!

  3. Yum, yum, yum how enticing it all looks – what a fantastic and clever storage / display box. You could patent that you know 😉

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