Almost Dressed

The Princely Dragon’s clothes are almost complete. This is as far as I plan to take him for now. Lots of background work needs to take place before I can start stitching everything in place.

Dressing a Dragon

I’d like to say a great big thank you to Mary Corbet at Needle ‘n Thread for sharing my blog with her readers this past weekend.  What a surprise! Thank you Mary! The Dragon is growing. […]

‘Purly’ Whites

I’d like to introduce the Princely Dragon. He is a good and kind dragon.  Here is the original Princely Dragon (on the right), slightly larger scale. On the left you can see the form of […]

Remodeling The Facade

The new upper facade. This is how all of the individual pieces look on a flat background. The top half of the casket front is not flat. A great deal of thought and planning has […]


The kids are excited as I am! Start the music, Janet finished a project. This is the embroidery designed by Jenny Adin-Christie. I took her class at the Bath Textile Summer School this past August. […]


‘The Eye of the Needle’ is a beautiful show. No photos allowed, however most of the embroideries are beautifully presented and published in books. But the Ashmolean also features a wonderful embroidery collection of its […]


This is a stunning and moving 100 year memorial to the nearly 900,000 British men killed in WWI. One hand made ceramic red poppy for each life.  A casket in the Museum of London. Ribbons and pin […]


Daniel and Anna were our charming host and hostess in our Bath B&B. Here they are making the breakfast bread. The walk to class each day took me past this Curiosity Shop. In a nearby window I […]

Jenny Adin-Christie

Here is a picture of Jenny‘s sample of the two day class ” Textures of a 17th Century Landscape.” This was my Thursday and Friday class of the Bath Textile Summer School. Jenny is an amazing teacher […]