Casket Chronicles, Pieces

I am amazed by designers who draw out and then stitch out the design as they first drew it.
My work evolves constantly as I work. Here the half worked yellow wings are placed next to the angel’s head and halo. 

Here I am auditioning the wings extending from the first set of wings.

This arrangement is very similar to the one above but I have lowered the placement of the head/halo/bodice combination.

This arrangement is the one closest to my original drawing except the head is still in the lower position.
Any preferences? I’d love to hear your ideas! 

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10 Replies to “Casket Chronicles, Pieces”

  1. I can't do anything even closely related to an original idea or drawing.I think that's why I love making things.You just never know how they are going to turn out!!
    Just LOVE what you're doing with this piece.
    Saw Griff Rhyss Jones- prog on Indian Textiles.Saw last episode. Didn't know it was on. Fascinating prog. Just love Indian textiles.So rich, dense stitching.That's why I admire your work Janet.

  2. It is so amazing to watch this piece grow. I agree, I don't know how anyone can plan a design and simply stitch – I get sick of drawing before the drawing is done a possibly end up unstitching more than I otherwise would.

  3. Hi Janet! Your work is so rich and beautiful. I like all of the arrangements, but for some reason, the last photo seems to be the one I like best. Not sure why, but it's the one that says "yes" to me.

  4. oooh so pretty!
    I love how the "wings" look against the skirt under the bodice it makes that section look less plain, I also love the look of the halo behind her head and wings, it looks too big(?)in front of them and seems to take away from the filigree and the wing design. any way you choose will be wonderful but that is my 2 cents!
    your work has inspired me to climb another creative hill….

  5. Thank you for all of your thoughts!
    I have to say I am leaning toward wings both top and bottom!
    The skirt looks plain right now, but once I add the flowers (she is a garden angel) it will not be the solid green blob it is right now.

  6. I like the head and bodice lower and wings on top. I think you have the right idea to have wings both top and bottom. The halo in front looks like one would expect as it is around the head. If it were behind the wings, it would look more like an arch in the background. Just my 2 cents. Jeannette from Ning

  7. Thanks Jeannette. It is amazing how many options there are when you are putting just a few pieces in place.
    I made one arm today. That of course will change things as well.

  8. I was sure I had left a comment yesterday, so not know why I checked but glad I did as I had not added it!!!
    I likes the first angel wings best as they seem to come from the shoulders but today I am not so sure as not sure where angels wings start if you know what I mean!

  9. Glad you liked it Janet! What fabulous stitching eh? The stitching with so much meaning along with it, seems to give the works such power.
    Wasn't that little girl marvellous!! A three year old with so much hand control, stitching her own little piece of work.

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