There was a touch of brightness in the sky so I tried to get some up-to-date shots of my wool embroidery.   The last main character of “Nighttime In The Enchanted Forest” is Papa […]

Where I Work

  I thought you might enjoy seeing where I work. As I type this I am sitting in the black chair in the picture above.   I am surrounded by just a little bit of […]

Slow But Steady Progress

  I have decided doing the chain stitch is what hurts most. So I have been doing little of it.   But by popping the embroidery back in the hoop I have been able to […]

A Blast From The Past

  I’m still cleaning my old basement studio. Yes there is that much STUFF!  I came across a box filled with ‘unpublished‘ drawings. As you can see from the date above, I’ve been at this […]

A Fashion Doll

  My basic doll house size doll has been modified to become a fashion doll. Everything stayed pretty much the same but I lengthened the legs to the typically overlong fashion leg!   This jacket […]

Hello Again Dear Friends!

  Hello again dear friends! I have been enjoying the holidays, family, food and great parties. And I have been resting my hand. The bad news is that the rest has not been enough and […]