A Blast From The Past

I’m still cleaning my old basement studio. Yes there is that much STUFF! 
I came across a box filled with ‘unpublished‘ drawings. As you can see from the date above, I’ve been at this for awhile. It says 1983! 
Created long before computers, I have now scanned in the originals, tried to clean them up and added color.

Intended for a magazine originally (and some may have been published, I just can’t remember)  Fitzroy Bear has always been a gentle favorite of mine.
I hope to be able to post a printable size copy somewhere here on my site for you to print out and play with. ( Look under the ‘Images’ tab above. That should be a good size to print out. Let me know if it does or does not work.) You can play alone or with a child. As the copyright notice says , it is for you personally, not to be sold to the world.

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