Princely Dragon

  I’ve shown progress on my new backyard world here. I thought you might like to see the work while the owner is on site.  Here the Princely Dragon is inspecting the very rough beginging […]

Crewel Embroidery Progress 6

  I’m very happy with my new background, both the color and the different stitch. The bunny now has a smart red vest with blue buttons. Under the glow worm is the beginning of the […]

Crewel Embroidery Progress 5

  I wasn’t happy with the background. I didn’t like the way I was stitching it and I didn’t like the colors. Now was a good time to change this. There is quite a bit […]

Crewel Embroidery Stitching Progress 4

  I am playing with stitches.   As usual my work doesn’t fall under the traditional category, but then it doesn’t stray that far from the norm either.   One of my favorite looks from […]

Backyard Progress

  Before I show the backyard castle progress, I want to show 2 new friends we watch playing in the yard. Mama fox is nearby, watching from the woods.   There have been many changes […]

Crewel Embroidery Stitching Progress 1

  Here is the drawing.   And here is the first progress report. Working with the wool thread is so different than embroidery floss. I’m having fun learning the nuances of the wool and playing […]