Worsted Doll

I live in the state of Indiana. Most people have probably seen pictures of, or at least heard about the deadly tornadoes that recently struck the southern part of our state.  
In the almost 30years we have lived in our present home tornadoes have hit VERY close at least 3 times. Before we moved here a barn that stood on the property was flattened by a tornado.
So I have decided to clean out the only room in the house that might withstand a storm and fill it with the things that I would like to see survive if possible. 
So I am cleaning and discovering things in this basement storeroom that I haven’t seen in years! 
Here is a worsted doll I found at an antique mall many years ago. I had never seen anything like it.

This particular one has been “embellished”. A tooth has been sewn unto the hand. Strange snippets of rags have been stuffed inside. 

The stitches have been worn down to the body fabric.

And a religious medal was sewn to the tip of the hat.
I like to think that was done as a charm to protect a child. If anyone sees something sinister in this I don’t want to hear about it! 

This is my version. Nice, but lacks the history and character of the original.

This is the only other worsted doll I have ever come across.

I have occasionally seen them offered on ebay. They all look very well loved.

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