Crewel Thoughts II

  The design I shared in my last post has been tweaked just a little more. I decided the piece would be perfect over the mantel in the living room.   So I rearranged the […]

Once Upon A Time

  You have seen this piece in a past post. I decided to make it a night scene. Once is sitting astride her friend Time on the ledge of the clock tower where they live. […]

The Princely Dragon, Stumpwork doll

  Many weeks ago I introduced my new project, my new world to you. One of the places the World of Possibilities will take you is to “The Golden Rule Mountains”. One very important character […]

Stumpwork Time

  This is Time. You have met him here and here. This stumpwork version of Once’s friend was originally going to be stretching out next to Once’s bed in her clock tower room. Here is […]

Stumpwork Embroidery Room Setting

  Here is my newest room setting for Once and Time. I’ve made several changes since I first posted the image below.   To begin with, I changed the scale of the figures. The headless […]

Once Upon A Time

Welcome to my very new world “Once Upon A Time”. Once lives high above the village in the clock tower. With her lives Time, a mythical beast. And yes, Time does fly.   Once wears […]

Stumpwork Embroidery

As promised here are pictures of my stumpwork embroidery efforts. Each is still a work in progress. In the picture above, the curtains, window frame, the bed, the coverlet and the headless creature are all […]