Golden Rule Retreat Day 32

I am back to work on casket #3, Fables To Go. This is the front sloped panel and the fable is Belling the Cat. The cat had purple eyes but they were too wrong. I […]

Golden Rule Retreat

  The answer to yesterday’s question is ‘Belling The Cat’.   And a contemporary version of the fable ‘The Ants and the Grasshopper.’   

Golden Rule Retreat

Today’s post is one image and one question. What fable is this? Remember I am looking for the name of a fable not a fairy tale or nursery rhyme or even a myth. Unfortunately only […]

Golden Rule Retreat Day 6

  The back sloped panel of the ‘Fables To Go’ casket is The City Mouse and The Country Mouse.   The left side of the panel is the Country House. The country mouse is dressed […]

Two Goats

The first of the sloped panels is complete. Maybe. I’m still considering spangles and their possible placement. The border is only basted in place. You can read the fable HERE.

Making A Stage

                         Making The Stage Watch the process of design and stitching to create a stage that fits inside casket number 3 “Fable To Go”.

Why Fables?

The original Red House book was published in 2008. It is the story of Claire and William and their home business Fables in Gables.  Claire and William are on the front of my first casket. […]

My First Fable Video

A short video of the fable The Hare and The Tortoise. And another fable, The Lion and The Mouse.

A New Wanderscape

  I’ve had a few stitching setbacks this year. The hands are working well right now.   This panel is the back of the Aesop’s Fables casket.


  Stitching all of the borders after the panels are complete can be rather overwhelming. This time I am trying to do the borders as I go. Above is a detail of how I make […]