Crewel Embroidery Stitching Progress 4

  I am playing with stitches.   As usual my work doesn’t fall under the traditional category, but then it doesn’t stray that far from the norm either.   One of my favorite looks from […]

Crewel Embroidery Stitching Progress 1

  Here is the drawing.   And here is the first progress report. Working with the wool thread is so different than embroidery floss. I’m having fun learning the nuances of the wool and playing […]

Crewel Thoughts II

  The design I shared in my last post has been tweaked just a little more. I decided the piece would be perfect over the mantel in the living room.   So I rearranged the […]

Crewel Thoughts

  Since dyeing loads of crewel wool a rainbow of delicious colors I have been playing with what to stitch with them. This first drawing is right out of my notebook.   In Photoshop I […]