Inaugural Village Christmas Market

The dollys in the village decided to hold their first ever Christmas Market. It is important to come dressed for the weather. For a first ever event the dollys were delighted with the outcome. And […]

My Embroidery Is Hung By The Chimney With Care

  My wool embroidery, “Night Time in the Enchanted Forest” is finally hung over the fireplace.    It is very happy in its new home.   In the dining room I have reassembled a small […]

Playing With My Toys

  At one time or another I think all of the elements in the photo above have appeared at some time in my blog. Yesterday I was rearranging my work table and decided to relocate […]

The Third Angel

  You’ll never guess what I call this angel.   Oh, you guessed. Yes this is the Rose Angel.

The Second Angel

  Here is the second angel in my series.   I have given her the wildly imaginative name of “The Green Angel” because of her green halo. OK, naming things just isn’t what I do. 

The first Angel

  The embroidered  angels are complete!   Here is the blue angel.