Casket Lid Finish!

The top embroidered panel of the casket is now complete!!!!! 

I stitched the needlelace border to match the light blue color of the surrounding panels transitioning to the darkest blue to go with the night sky.
I am very happy with how the corners match and blend. 

It was fun to put the mock-up next to the casket.
Progress has been made.
Now to finish the back of the casket. 

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21 Replies to “Casket Lid Finish!”

  1. Beyond words to describe my thoughts about your beautiful creation. I'm thrilled to see your amazing work of art. It's absolutely beautiful in every way from your choice of colors to the stitchery that I can only dream of executing – you don't dream it – you do it!!!!!!!!!!! God bless you Janet!

  2. It is just wonderful I would love to do one too. Did you have a box to cover or just made the shape yourself?
    Such an heirloom. Best wishes from NZ.

  3. Aww, this would make even the least curious George be at least curious enough to stick around to watch the fun stuff that will surely come from this curiosity! Kids beware!!!

  4. I found your blog through a post of your casket on Pinterest. Your casket is amazing. I love the colors and the design. You must be very happy with your accomplishment. Thanks so much for sharing.

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