Golden Rule Retreat Day 31

For many years I baked a bunny cake for Easter. The ears were usually over cooked, the body raw and the whole thing rarely sat upright. 
Since everything about this year is different,
I wanted to introduce my family to a treat I remember my great grandmother making for us when we were kids. 

This treat goes by many names. I remember something like fonkees or fawnkees. I found faworkis, a Polish version, and then found the recipe above in a favorite cook book from the past.
I love the author’s name, Draga. 

The recipe called for white wine but I had just enough plum brandy to fit the bill.

It also call for 6 eggs separated. This looked like a good distance.

Shhhh…the dough is resting.

Rolling and twisting….then frying…then

….a dusting of powdered sugar. That first bite was a startling moment of a long remembered taste!
My husband and daughter enjoyed the process and loved the product. Can’t wait to share this treat with the rest of the family when we can finally all reunite.

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  1. This looks like my Danish great grandmother's Kleine – translated to Cross Children. When I was a kid I thought that the name came from how cross my mum got when making them -as a goodly percentage always fell apart!

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